• Frequently Asked Questions.
    Q1 Why do the services have different prices ?
    SocialSecret provides a variety of services to choose from. Different quality services have different prices. Normally, high priced services are fast, high quality and more stable than the cheap services. Q1 What is the difference between Refill and Non Refill services? Refill services are better quality services and will give you a free refill/recharge option for a specific time if the quantity you ordered drops/falls below the ordered amount. Non refill services are low quality and don't contain any free refill options in case the quantity you ordered drops/falls. We mostly recommended users to use refill services. Q2 Why is my order status showing partial? In SocialSecret, if the status of an order is showing partial, it means your order is automatically refunded by the system for the remaining quantity not delivered. If you have ordered 1000 quantities and the system only delivers 500, the remaining 500 will be refunded automatically and the status will turn to partial for that particular order. Q3 How to use the free refill function? In SocialSecret, to refill an order you have to click the Refill/Reload button right next to your order completed status, the refill button is only available for some services that support refill. If you don’t see the refill button for your order you can contact our Website support to refill your order Q4 What is the meaning of DR, HQ, LQ, RD & NS? In SocialSecret, DR = Days Refill, HQ = High Quality, LQ = Low Quality, RD = Read Description, NS = New Server. Q4 What does it mean by NR or Non Refill Services? In SocialSecret, NR or Non Refill are those services that have no facility of refilling or recharge after they are dropped. These services are non refundable in any case after they are dropped. Please order accordingly. Q5 How can I get a child/reseller panel on SocialSecret? We can provide you with a child/reseller panel. It includes SSL Certificate, Hosting, Script, Premium Support, API Prices at $10/month. Your panel will be connected only to SocialSecret.com using the API for automatic order processing. The panel monthly renewal cost is $10 , but if your monthly sales are more than $100 then your child panel will be renewed for free for that month. To order child/reseller panel navigate to "Child Panel" option in your account menu and follow the instructions given there. Q6 How can I get API key? You can get your API key from the API section in your account menu. API is confidential please do not share it with anyone.

    • Q7 High Quality Service
    • This service can be targeted based on locations or pert of interest. which guarantee you real human audience and we didn't give assurance if they will engage with your post or they post desire content or any other related.